Paper Cups- An Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

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Sustainable practices and eco-friendly products have become a necessity these days. Every business enterprise is moving towards saving the planet and moving towards recyclable and biodegradable products. Paper cups are one of those eco-friendly storage products which are being used widely around the world. Paper cups refer to the disposable paper glass used by the food industry for serving / packaging beverages.

From Hot to Cold: Exploring Types of Paper Cups for Beverage Packaging

  • Single wall paper cups
  • Double wall paper cups

Single Wall Paper Cups: 

Single wall paper cups are those which are made of a single layer of paper. Numerous paper cup manufacturers offer you the choice of printed paper cups for your brand. Mpacks by Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging is a leading manufacturer of paper cups and provides a wider range of Eco friendly Food packaging. Paper cups are also one of their most demanded food packaging products. In paper cups, there are further customizations available like:

Single Wall paper Cups
  1. Paper cups with or without lid
  2. Paper cups with or without Paper handle
Single Wall paper Cups With lid and without lid

The lid choice also includes plain and straw cut options. These types of Disposable cups are preferred for cold beverages irrespective of the hot ones. The single layer of paper will help in handling cold beverages like shakes, cold coffee, and cold drinks well. If your beverage is thick, there is a slight chance it may soak through the paper. Nowadays, if you ask for a takeaway or packaging of beverages in a restaurant, they have shifted to disposable paper glass for delivery thus making it eco-friendly as well. There are different paper cup companies manufacturing different quality paper cups for your use.

The single wall paper cup comes in three varieties:

  1. White Paper Cups
  2.  Ripple Paper Cups
  3. Kraft (brown) Paper Cups

You may find several paper cups photos online that will serve as a basic guide to the shape and size. You can choose depending on your requirement and customization (optional). Customizations in terms of printing or brand logo are available by the manufacturing companies.

Double Wall Paper Cups:

Double wall paper cups are made with a double layer of paper. These types of paper cups are usually preferred for hot beverages since the double layer of paper will prevent the heat from getting to your hand and you will be able to hold the cup properly. It also prevents the cup from leaking or soaking through the paper. This type, there are further types of paper available:

Double wall paper cup with lid | Double wall paper cup | Double wall paper cup images
  1. White Paper Cups

  2. Brown (Kraft) Paper Cups

  3. Ripple Paper Cups

Double Wall Paper Cup Brown

All the above listed types of paper cups are suitable for your cold and hot beverages. Double wall paper cups are also available with lid and/or handle. Plain and straw cut option is also available with the lid option. When you think of paper cups for coffee, double wall paper cups are the best option. These disposable paper cups are widely used by catering, restaurants, and hotels. The manufacturing businesses provide customizations for the printing or brand logo on both white and brown paper. There are a lot of paper glass images online that will give you a basic reference of the style and size.

Customize Paper Cups With Lid | Customize paper cup| Customize cup | Paper Glasses Customize |


For serving beverages in a number of venues, including coffee shops and large-scale catering services, paper cups are a well-liked and practical choice. Single wall paper cups are a preferred option since they are a bit less expensive and weigh much less. However, they provide less insulation and can’t be used for hot beverages or on-the-go drinks. Disposable cups with a double wall offer superior insulation and a sturdier feel. Go ahead, choose your type of paper glass and work towards sustainability practices for protecting the earth.

Eco Friendly Paper Cups
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