Mpacks Exhibited Paper Food Packaging Products at the UK’s Food & Drink EXPO

UK- food and Drink Expo

About Mpacks

In an eventful 2020 year, amidst the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Mpacks has emerged as a renowned manufacturer & exporter of paper food packaging products. While this was the formal beginning of our journey, our roots can be traced back to the Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging Group, operating since the year 2002. With a clear vision & strong value system, Mpacks quickly gained recognition as a trusted brand in the Indian market. Based on over 20 years of industry experience, Mpacks aims to transform traditional packaging standards by promoting sustainable food packaging solutions instead of single-use plastics (SUPs). The company’s large production facility allows us to produce a massive amount of different paper food packages every day. Thanks to a reliable supply chain managed by trusted partners, Mpacks ensures production stability despite market fluctuations and enables seamless scalability. Today, Mpacks serves a wide network of distributors across India and around the world, supplying products to reputed food companies including hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and other catering services. Committed to reliability & rigorous quality testing, Mpacks is considered a pioneer in providing superior quality paper food packaging products. We have showcased Indian
expertise on the world stage and brought green innovation to the UK market.

Mpacks India Showcased the Paper Food Packaging Products Range at the Prestigious UK’s Food & Drink EXPO!

We, at Mpacks, have solidified our presence on the international stage by proudly displaying our paper food packaging products at the prestigious UK Food & Drink EXPO on 29 April to 1 May 2024, at NEC Birmingham, Stand EE208. Mpacks guarantees reliable delivery of paper food packaging products with a proven track record of consistency even in difficult conditions & economic downturns. Our unwavering commitment to quality is evidenced by rigorous testing procedures & comprehensive protocols that ensure the highest standards in paper packaging. Attention to detail is paramount to ensuring flawless delivery and demonstrating a commitment to operational excellence. Additionally, our expertise in creating high-quality paper packaging designs and using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques strengthens our position as a leading manufacturer & exporter. Mpacks is proud to represent India as a formidable presence on the global platform at UK’s prestigious Food and Drink EXPO and Part of the UK Food & Drink Shows.

Mpacks India Is a One-Stop-Shop for Procuring Many Types of Paper Food Packaging Products

With a strong commitment to environmental friendliness & sustainability, Mpacks excels in producing paper food packaging products by making use of this versatile & renewable wonder material. This approach significantly reduces carbon footprint and minimizes environmental impact due to the compostable nature of paper. In addition to eco-friendly features, our paper food packaging products emphasize innovative designs & enhanced functionalities to meet the evolving needs of the food & beverage industry while delivering a premium user experience.

Our wide product range includes boat trays, noodle boxes, paper lids, soup bowls, paper cups, salad Bowl, paper plates , single/double flap food boxes, and many more such innovative designs. Each item is precision manufactured using the latest technology & equipment to ensure the highest quality with each order.

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