Your Trusted Food Packaging Manufacturer and Exporter from India

Food Packaging Manufacturer & Exporter from India

With a clear vision and strong motto, Mpacks came into existence as a trusted paper food packaging manufacturer and exporter in the year 2020. Even though Mpacks formally started its journey as recently as the year 2020, the Company has been well grounded on the deep-rooted Group Company named Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging, which has been operating successfully since the year 2002. With such vast experience in its bag, Mpacks is established with a vision to inculcate an innovative approach to the traditional packaging systems and introduced its best sustainable eco-friendly alternative solution to single use plastic ( SUP ).

Why Are We Trusted?

Our organization upholds stringent quality testing measures and protocols, demonstrating a strong commitment to ensuring the greatest standards in providing our paper food packaging products. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures seamless execution of deliveries, underscoring our thorough dedication to operational excellence. Moreover, our distinguished proficiency in generating high-end designs & advanced fabrication capabilities further solidify our standing as a reputable manufacturer & exporter of paper food packaging solutions, proudly representing India as a sturdy nation on the global stage.

Industry Leader

Our vast experience spanning over 20+ years in the food packaging industry makes us a global leader and a top-notch paper food packaging manufacturer. With our sprawling manufacturing unit spread over a 60000 sq. ft. area, we currently have an in-hand production capacity of producing approximately 1 million units per day of diverse paper food enviro packs.

Backed by a Great Team of People

With a highly competitive & agile team of experts in the food packaging industry, Mpacks has been able to ensure capacity enhancement & scalability at will. The constant endeavor of our dedicated R&D division helps us to innovate the products further by inducting modern technologies and procuring best-in-class equipment while keeping in mind the global expectations and growing chorus towards eco-friendliness in toto.

State-of-the-Art Machinery

With the latest world-class technology and best-in-class equipment put to use, our clients can certainly be assured of one thing, i.e., receiving top-quality paper food packaging units each time they place an order with us. This state-of-the-art machinery has given Mpacks the new wings of fortune to fly sky-high and to stand out at the global stage.

 All Products Under One Roof

With a futuristic approach and with the kind of diverse product range at our disposal, currently, we are successfully catering to a network of more than 150 channels and distributor partner across India and globally more than 1000 partners. Our clientele includes hotels, restaurants, QSR/fast food joints, bakeries, sweet shops, and other catering establishments in India and globally. Our range of paper food packaging units includes:

Safe Food Packaging Options

Mpacks takes pride in being an ISO, FSC, and FSSC-certified company, manufacturing sustainable, eco-friendly, paper packaging solutions, which are safe and non-hazardous. Our sustainable food packaging solutions are in line with global food packaging requirement and standard. A best alternative to single use plastic items.

Scalable Solutions

We have quite seamless supply chain management protocols in place. Whether the rates go up or down, our relying established partners provide us with highly stable rates even when the market fluctuates, making our production highly scalable.

Reliable Company

Mpacks is synonymous with the word, ‘reliable’ as we always manage to perform whatever the situation may be! Even in the toughest situations of any sort of economic crisis, we manage to provide steady supply of products in a great stride with complete pride. We were able to provide our relentless support and the much-needed love & empathy to our customers with our healthy food product packaging range in the most distressful times with ease.

Sturdy Brand – Sustainable Solutions

Paper, which happens to be a renewable resource, has off late emerged as a frontrunner in the global quest for sustainable food packaging options. The production of paper food packaging largely boasts of a lower carbon footprint, thereby contributing to an overall reduction in environmental hazards. Furthermore, the compostable paper packaging aligns with global efforts to minimize the environmental repercussions associated with its counterpart packaging models. The eco-friendliness of Mpacks’ paper food enviro packs makes them truly desirable.

Well! The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating! So, Try Mpacks!

The evolution of our paper food packaging products stretches beyond the green credentials, thus showcasing our thorough commitment to innovative designs & enhanced functionalities. As a paper food packaging manufacturer & exporter, we have invested in meticulous research & development for engineering such paper-based food packaging solutions, which not only cater to the ever-evolving needs of the food & beverage industry but also provide a superior user experience. From advanced coatings to food freshness to smart designs and easy handling, our products have proven their versatility & adaptability. So, let go of any useless hacks; and add Mpacks to your food delivery racks!

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