Food Packaging Boxes for Restaurants and QSR

food packaging boxes

The global food packaging market has witnessed considerable growth, reaching a value of 456.00 billion dollars in the year 2022. Future projections suggest further expansion, with the market growth expected to rise from 479.73 billion dollars in the year 2023 to a whopping 714.16 billion dollars by the year 2030. (Source: Fortune Business Insights)

Paper Food Packaging Boxes

Paper food packaging boxes for restaurants & QSR units (Quick Service Restaurants) tend to play a vital role in ensuring the safe delivery of meals to customers while maintaining the freshness of the food items along with their beautiful presentations achieved through diligence and hard work. Among a gamut of food packaging options available around the globe, single-flap boxes and double-flap boxes are the ones that usually cross the eyes of most food enthusiasts. Paper food boxes are widely used for packaging various food items such as Sandwiches, Biryani, Dry Snacks, Noodles, Rice, Pasta and Momo’s.

Single Flap Paper Food Boxes

Single-flap food packaging boxes happen to be the most popular choice for packaging individual food items that are smaller in their portion sizes. Such boxes usually have a single flap, which folds over the top of the box to secure its food contents. These food boxes tend to be best suited for packaging of food items including wraps, sandwiches, burgers, or similar small-sized snacking items.

Advantages of Single Flap Boxes

  • Cost-saving: Single flap boxes are a more cost-effective option as compared to other types of paper food packaging products, making them a pocket-friendly choice for restaurants & QSR units.
  • Easy to handle: These boxes are simple to assemble & close, thus allowing for quick & efficient packaging of food items.
  • Save that space: Single-flap food boxes are compact & stackable, which helps save a lot of space during storage & transportation of food.
  • Customizable: Restaurants & QSRs can easily customize single-flap boxes with their branding, logos, or even promotional messages to augment brand visibility.
  • Available Sizes : 500ml, 700ml, 900ml, 1200ml, 1600ml, 3600ml
  • Available in color with paper options: White Paper Food Boxes and Kraft Paper Food Boxes.

Double Flap Paper Food Boxes

Double-flap food packaging boxes have been designed with 2 flaps that fold over each other to securely enclose the food contents. Such lunch boxes are mostly utilized for packing larger food items/meals, which need that extra layer of protection during delivery.

Advantages of Double Flap Boxes

  • More security: Double flap designs provide an added layer of security & protection for the food items, thus reducing the risk of spills during transit considerably.
  • Versatility: These boxes can accommodate a large variety of food items, like big sandwiches, combo meals, or even family-sized meal portions.
  • Professional food presentation: Their sturdy construction & secure closure help in maintaining the food presentation along with food integrity, thus ensuring that the food arrives at your customer’s doorstep in optimal condition always.
  • Branding: Like single flap boxes, these boxes too offer ample space for branding & customization, which allows restaurants & QSRs to promote their brands while delivering orders.
  • Available Sizes : 700ml, 750ml, 800ml, 1000ml, 1200ml, 1400ml, 1500ml, 2000ml and 3000ml
  • Available in color with paper options: White Paper Lunch Box and Kraft Paper Lunch Box.

Lay Your Hands on Both Types and Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Both single-flap and double-flap packaging food boxes are much-needed packaging solutions for restaurants and QSRs, each offering a distinct set of advantages based on the types & sizes of the food items being packaged. Whether it is for individual servings or larger-sized meal portions, these paper food packaging options ensure customer satisfaction along with brand consistency in your food delivery experience.

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Both single-flap & double-flap paper boxes for food packaging are made from premium-quality paper to ensure the food remains fresh & appealing to customers. Different types of eco-friendly paper options such as kraft and more are being utilized in their production. These paper boxes have excellent quality, which helps in the preservation of product integrity. These are designed in such a way that they can accommodate both hot & cold food items. They are also water resistant. Restaurants and QSRs can benefit greatly from these products.

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