Best Sustainable Option for Takeaway Food Packaging


Mpacks is one of the leading manufacturers of Paper Food Containers in India. Mpacks started its journey in 2019 and since then it has made its place in the market. The vision of Sustainability is their priority.

Why Choose Mpacks For As Takeaway Food Packaging ?

When you talk about the best paper food container, Mpacks is always the best choice. Mpacks has the leading range of products made of paper and eco-friendly materials. According to the industry standards and norms, Mpacks has upgraded its manufacturing technology, thus increasing its quality. the leading manufacturer of high-quality Eco-friendly paper packaging products for Hotels, Restaurants, QSR/Fast Food, Bakery, sweet shop, and other catering establishments. The in-house R&D department makes the process of improving packaging processes much simpler and easier. Food containers manufactured by MPacks are used by a major percentage of the food industry and Food containers are the most selling product of MPacks.

Best Sustainable Option for Takeaway food Packaging: Mpacks

The concept of SUSTAINABILITY has been embedded in the vision and mission of Mpacks. Since their products are made of paper and eco-friendly materials, products when thrown will not harm the environment. There is a lot of variety in the catalog of products of Mpacks. They have Food Box, Lunch Box, Noodle Box, Soup Bowls, Salad Bowls, and Tubs among many others. 

Products used for takeaway packaging are usually made out of plastic which harms the environment after disposal. Disposal of Mpacks products will be an easy task and you don’t have to worry about the decomposition. There is a reason why Mpacks by Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging is the leading manufacturing brand of Sustainable paper food packaging. When you take away your food in paper food packaging, it will remain fresh till the time you store it in accurate temperatures. Paper food packaging will also help you in carrying your food with ease to your home without disturbing the temperature of the food. Customized products with takeaway delivery will enhance the look of the food and the packaging will look great for the food brand. 

Customization Process of the products

Mpacks provides its customers with the option of customization of products. While choosing from the list of products they offer, you can select the option of customization of your product, and you choose the color of your product along with a brand logo on them as per your size requirements. There are a lot of food brands like Chaayos which use customized sustainable food packaging for takeaway deliveries. The customized products help the brands in marketing and in turn, customers remember the product even after one buy. Mpacks has a reputed name in the market when it comes to quality and accuracy. The quality of the customized products will ease the way of customers in marketing and in turn, they will become regular customers of Mpacks.

When looking for the best sustainable paper food packaging companies, Mpacks has a leading name. You can get your desired quotation by simply enquiring them on their website.

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