Sustainable Food Packaging: An Eco friendly Solution for the Food Packaging

Sustainable Food Packaging

The Food Packaging Industry in India is one of the largest markets in India. It is expected to reach USD 71.90 billion in the year 2023 and is on the growth scale every year. The food packaging industry in India was functioning on plastic and non-biodegradable materials for quite some time. A few years back, India shifted entirely to sustainable food packaging, i.e. paper food packaging.

Sustainable packaging will have a great impact on the environment and help us in bringing the concept of “sustainability” into practice.

Sustainable Food Packaging companies: Mpacks

Mpacks is one of the top companies in the eco-friendly Food packaging industry and works on the concept of sustainability. Mpacks by Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging are manufactured with eco-friendly resources and Innovation is at the core of their business. Mpacks came into business in 2019 under the leadership of Mr.Nitin Maheshwari. They are the leading manufacturers of high-quality eco-friendly paper packaging products for the food industry. Mpacks has a well-equipped Research and Development team that helps in innovating the product.

They do a thorough testing of all their paper food packaging products before sending them to the market. The company has a presence across all cities in India as well as globally. Mpacks has around 1000 client portfolios and has partnered with food companies that have been in existence for more than 20 years in food packaging industry.

There are four major competencies on which this company function:

  • Testing
  • Committed Delivery
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Tailor Made Packaging

Sustainable Food Packaging:

Sustainable Food Packaging refers to food packaging made of sustainable materials so that it does not harm the environment. Paper food packaging comes under sustainable food packaging. The mission of Mpacks is to fight the growth of carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in society because of plastic food packaging.

Product Catalog of Mpacks:

Mpacks have a huge variety of paper food packaging products manufactured with the help of eco-friendly paper. All their paper food packaging products are made with great precision and accuracy and are of excellent quality.
Paper Dip Cups
Soup Bowls
Salad Bowls
Food Box
Lunch Box
Noodle Box
Boat Tray
Paper Cups and many others.

All of these products are made with high-quality paper so that it keeps the food fresh and presentable in front of the customer. There are different types of eco-friendly paper in which these products are manufactured with premium Quality paper gold, silver, kraft and many others. These eco-friendly papers are of excellent quality and help in maintaining the quality of the products. Products are suitable for hot and cold food materials. They are water and grease resistant. Restaurants, cafes, Quick Service restaurants, and bakeries are their target audience and you get ample space for your branding logo on the products. In this way, the customer will always remember your name whenever he buys food from you.

Production Capacity of Mpacks:

You can tap into your brand potential with the Mpacks. The technology used here is up-to-date which helps in keeping the quality of the products manufactured intact. The manufacturing unit is spread over a 60,000 sq. ft, area, All the products are made from renewable resources and the option of custom packaging is available for every client. Mpacks has a production capacity of 1.5 million products per day and is further expanding. Custom Packaging will help you in setting a unique image for your brand in the market.

Spreading awareness for Sustainable Food Packaging:

Mpacks is one of the major sources of Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging for spreading the word about sustainable food packaging. Mpacks talks about paper food packaging and how it will benefit the environment and the food industry of India. Their vision is to inspire other manufacturers and consumers to adopt and use environmentally friendly approaches and at the same time be in the top companies while talking about paper food packaging and sustainable food packaging.

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