Why Eco-Friendly Food Packaging is the Future of the F&B Industry?

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

The Food and Beverage Industry is one of the most cluttered industries around the world. There are many businesses prepared different types of food items ranging from snacks to 3-course meals. Over the years, the food industry has seen tremendous growth and is moving towards bigger sales. With the rise in F&B industries, numerous food outlets, pubs, restaurant chains have opened up and the concept of eco-friendly food packaging has also made its name in the market.

What is eco-friendly food packaging?

Eco-friendly food packaging refers to the type of food packaging that does not harm the environment and maintains sustainability in the practices of the F & B industry. Initially, this industry used plastic boxes and containers to pack food but nowadays, paper food packaging is being widely adopted in this industry. Paper food packaging enhances the brand value of the company and makes the customer feel happy whenever their food is delivered.

Benefits of paper food packaging:

  • Maintains the texture of the food when package is carried in sunlight
  • Gives the packaging a superior look
  • Attached brand with the concept of sustainability
  • Easy to handle food.

Paper food packaging: An appeal to the eye

The superior look of the paper food packaging is the first thing that attracts the customer before eating the food. If the packaging is shabby, the customer will not even open the package. Presence of the brand logo on the top of the food package helps in marketing as well. Attractive paper food packing can be the cheapest source of marketing for F&B industries. The appeal of your product plays a great role in its sale. Restaurant chains, food outlets, pubs use paper food packaging. There are different types of paper food packaging like soup containers for soup and liquid food, noodle container, sandwich tray and paper boxes for solid food. Food packed in plastic boxes will reduce the appeal to the human eye even if the food tastes amazing.

Future of F&B industry:

There is an extended growth for the eco-friendly food packaging in the future of the Food and beverages industry. The global F&B industry is valued at USD 2,323.29 billion in 2021 (source). With the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly food packaging, this number will increase in the coming years. If you are still using plastic food containers, shift to paper food packaging and see the growth of your brand.

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