Top 10 Food Packaging Products for Hotels, Cafe and F&B Industry

Top 10 Food Packaging products

Food packaging products are used by the entire F&B industry world wide. There are different types of food packaging products used by hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and sweet shops.
The packaging products help in keeping the food from the kitchen to the customer’s table, with its taste and texture. Let’s have a look at the top 10 food packaging products used by the F&B industry.

Paper Dip Cups: for Packaging Dessert, Pickle and Ice Cream.

Paper dip cups

Paper dip cups are perfect for serving your dessert, pickle, sauce, sweets, curd and ice cream with food in cafes, bakeries, food trucks. 

  • They are manufactured in white paper, kraft paper and ripple paper, thus providing you with a lot of options to choose from. 
  • Ripple paper is slightly hard from the normal paper. 
  • Dips are microwavable and grease-proof containers 
  • These are perfect to store/ carry your meal. 

The most demanding sizes range are 4oz and 6 oz.

Paper Food container: for Soups, Curries, Pasta, Yogurts and Salads

Paper Container segment includes soup bowls and salad bowls manufactured in three different variations: white paper (soup and salad), kraft paper (soup and salad) and ripple paper soup bowl.

  • These paper food containers are suitable for soups, curries, pasta, Yogurts and salads.
  • They are microwavable and water, grease resistant.
  • These containers are suitable for both hot and cold food.

For soup bowls, you can choose from 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz and 32oz. 24oz and 40oz are most demanding in salad bowls.

Lunch Box: for Packaging Rolls, Pasta, Rice, and Biryani.

Paper Lunch Boxes

Paper lunch boxes are manufactured in white and kraft paper, suitable for hot food. You can also get it customized as per your brand with manufacturers. 

  • It is suitable for salads, rolls, pasta, rice, and biryani.
  • It is ready to use products for food trucks, sweet shops and bakeries. 

800ml, 1200ml, 1400ml, 1500ml sizes are available in the market.

Paper Food Box: for Biryani, Fried Chicken and Combo Meals.

Paper Food Boxes

Eco-friendly food box is manufactured in white and kraft paper.

  • The food box is grease resistant and is suitable for hot contents.
  • It has an ideal flat surface in the top for brand logo
  • Food Boxes are  ideal for Biryani, Fried chicken, sushi, pasta, noodles, rice and combo meals.

Food box is used by popular street food carts, food trucks, cafes, restaurants and bakeries. The available sizes are 500ml, 700ml, 900ml, 1200ml, 1600ml, and 2100ml.

Noodle Box: Best for takeaway food packaging of Noodles.

Noodle Boxes

Paper noodle box is made of high quality paper and has a leak proof design for dishes like noodle, soup noodles

  • They are perfect for takeaway restaurants, food trucks, catering business, cafes and restaurants.

Customizations in the form of branding logos on paper noodle boxes can help you increase your business to a much greater extent. 16oz and 24oz are the most demanding sizes in the market.

Paper cups: for takeaway packaging of Hot and Cold Beverages.

Paper Cups

Single wall paper cups and double wall paper cups are available in the market and  perfect for hot, cold beverages.

  • These eco-friendly paper cups are used for hot and cold beverages like Tea, Soda, Milkshake, Soft drink, juice, water, slurpee.

Along with paper cups, you can choose different types of lids like paper lid, plastic lid, pet flat and pet dome lid. Paper cups are used for takeaway packaging by Café, Pub, food trucks, fast food restaurants, QSR, hotels, bakeries. 8oz, 11oz, 12oz and 16oz are mostly used in the market.

Boat Tray: Suitable for Snacks, Pastry and Patties.

Boat tray

Paper boat tray is manufactured in white and kraft paper. 

  • They are suitable for dry snacks, pasta, and fried rice, rolls, biryani, pastry, patties and french fries . 

Food carts, food trucks, bakeries and sweet shops. You can choose the size of the product according to your desired quantity for the customers. 10oz, 14oz and 24oz boat trays are widely used in the market.

Lids: For Containers, Bowls, and Paper cups.

Multiple Lids Option

Multiple lid options are available in the market like paper lid, plastic lid, pulp Lid, pet flat and pet dome lid.

  • Lids manufactured in white and kraft paper suitable for takeaway packaging of  soup bowls, salad bowls, and paper cups.

They help in keeping the food intact in the container and make carrying the food much easier. Paper lids are used by numerous food carts, food trucks, tea stalls and restaurants.

Burger box: Used in Fast food and Restaurants.

Burger box:

Paper burger boxes are used for burgers takeaway food packaging in stylish and customized way.

  • They are manufactured in white and kraft paper and are used by a lot of Café,  food trucks, fast food restaurants, QSR. 

These eco-friendly paper burger boxes are used to store and carry food with ease.

Heat Sealing Machine: for Sealing Containers and Dips.

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat sealing machine is widely used in the Food Packaging Products for Hotels, Café and F&B Industry.

  • it can be heat sealed with special paper and this machine can be used on the entire range of products (as applicable).

One heat sealing machine is suitable for all the sizes and ranges and comes in manually and automatically operated features along with different types of dies for specific products.

Paper food packaging products are in trend and use of these eco-friendly food packaging products are increasing day-by-day. They are the future of the F&B industry and will help in the sustainability practices for Earth.

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